• Biomedical Engineering to create the future of medicine
To develop cutting-edge medical technologies based on inventions and make them available to patients, scientific and rational evaluation of safety and expected efficacy is essential in addition to technological development.
Professor Kiyotaka Iwasaki's laboratory at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, is developing an unprecedented in vitro testing systems that mimics the morphology and function of a patient's lesion to promote the development of advanced therapeutic devices and to deliver new medical devices to patients quickly. We are applying the testing system to the efficient development of advanced therapeutic devices, developing evaluation methods for efficacy and safety, and promoting research that will be utilized as the scientific evidence for the government's approval of new medical technologies. We are also working on developing effective treatment techniques for patients who previously had no treatment options so far.
Through collaboration with doctors working on the front lines of clinical practice, we are promoting practical research that will create the future of medicine.
  • Introductory movie of Prof. Iwasaki’s research (YouTube)

  • Introductory movie of Iwasaki Lab (YouTube)
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